BIO 110 General Biology I, Fall 2014

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o   Instructor: Susan O. Baker, Associate Professor of Science

o   Best means of contacting:  Email:

o   Office:  290 Jewett Hall

o   Office Hours, Fall 2014

o   Monday:  noon – 1:00 pm; 4:00 – 4:30 pm

o   Tuesday:  11:00 am – 1:00 pm; 4:00 – 4:30 pm

o   Thursday:  11:00 am – 1:00 pm






Lecture Exam # 3 – November 25

You may bring a half sheet of paper to this exam with writing on one side.


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Lecture: Tuesday 1:00 pm - 3:45 pm; 180 Jewett Hall – I will be in the classroom at ~12:30 pm every week.

·         Lecture Syllabus

·         Lecture VideosSelect login with Blackboard and then use your BlackBoard/UMA email login and password. 

·         Another textbook’s website – free, has good practice tests

·         Cells Alive!

·         Many course related animations


PowerPoint Slides: 

o   Diversity of Life – Some of my Favorite Living Organisms

o   CH 1:  Biology:  Exploring Life – provided in class, feel free to look at these before class. 

o   CH 2:  The Chemical Basis of Life – print for class #2 on 9/9

o   CH 3:  The Molecules of Life

o   CH 4:  A Tour of the Cells

o   CH 5:  Membrane Structure and Function

o   CH 5:  Energetics and Enzymes

o   CH 6:  How Cells Harvest Energy

o   CH 8:  The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance (How Cells Divide)

o   CH 9:  Patterns of Inheritance with a focus on Human Genetics

o   CH 10 Part I:  DNA

o   CH 10 Part II:  From DNA to RNA to Protein

o   CH 11:  Focus on Regulation of Gene Activity

HOMEWORK INFORMATION – Late HW will not be accepted.  Reminder…..your quiz grade is based on your 5 best HW grades.

o   Answer Sheet for HWanswers to multiple choice HW MUST be submitted on this answer sheet or one similar in style!

o   HW #1  with answers

o   HW #2with answers

o   HW #3#3 with answers

o   HW #4with answers

o   HW #5with answers

o   HW #6with answers

o   HW #7with answers

Chapter Learning Objectives and Potential Essay Questions

Exam #1: 9/30

o   Learning Objectives, CH 1-3 – what you need to know for the 1st exam

·         Old CH 1 HW for practicewith answers

o   Videos to reinforce CH 1-3 topics

·         Evolution 101

·         Chemical Bonding – watch before lecture #2

·         Biological Molecules –this 15 minute video complements the CH 3 lecture on carbohydrates, lipids, dehydration and hydrolysis reactions

o   Potential Essay Questions for Exam #1 now posted

·         More information on denaturing agents

o   Practice Exam to help you prepare for the Lecture Exam

Exam #2: 10/28

o   Learning Objectives and Potential Essay for Exam#2 - be sure to use this document to focus your study

·         Cell Structure Handout Cell Structure Handout with answers

·         CH 4 Practice Multiple Choice Questionswith answers

·         Another textbook’s website – free, has good practice tests…I highly recommend you take the CH 4 test on this website in preparation for Exam #2

o   Cells Alive!

o   Animation of the Endomembrane System

o   Great overview of eukaryotic cell structures

o   Interactive Cell Structure Tutorial


Exam #3:  11/25 – You may bring a half sheet of paper with writing on one side to this exam.

o   Learning Objectives and Essay for: Chapter 5.10-5.16, Chapter 6 

o   Animation of the Electron Transport Chain/System

o   The Electron Transport Chain - The Movie! 

·         Practice Test Questions

·         Answers to Practice Test Questions

o   Aerobic respiration Handout from classAnswersA version of this is on the exam and worth a fair number of points.

o   Take the CH 6 and CH 8 quizzes at this website to prepare for the exam

Exam #4:  Due 12/9

o   Genetics Take Home Exam – This is the version of the exam with the questions, links to related websites, and background information on the traits.  It does not have room for answers.  The next link will take you to a version of the exam with room for your answers.  Genetics Exam Answer Sheet – This is a Word document with room to answer the questions, but without all of the very useful links and background information found at the version of the exam above!  I will provide copies of this in class.

o   Breast Cancer videos  Check Your Genes,  Genetic Mutations, BRCA

Exam #5:  12/16

o   Learning Objectives for the Last Exam

o   Mitosis Animation –….Another mitosis videoone more!  FYI.....there are many good YouTube videos on mitosis!

o   Overview of meiosis handout

·         I checked …new research shows that the cetntrioles duplicate in prophase II, so there are centriole pairs in meiosis II.

·         Meiosis Video

o   Mitosis/Meiosis Labeling Handout – make sure you can complete this handout

·          Answers to Handout

o   DNA à RNA à Protein Practice Handout with answers – good practice for the exam

·         DNA Replication Animation

·         Protein Synthesis Animation

o   Rosalind Franklin - interesting reading